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Valley Oaks Homes, a 43-unit affordable housing community in Sonoma, received a LEED for Homes Platinum rating with guidance from Bright Green Strategies.
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Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA) is an affordable housing provider in the Bay Area. SAHA believes in building long term communities, high quality design, and investing in green building practices. For their Valley Oaks Homes project they contracted design team McCamant & Durrett Architects and construction was led by Segue Construction Company.

Because SAHA, like many of our clients, was interested in creating a resource-efficient building with the highest sustainability rating possible, it was important for them to hire an expert in the industry which could guide them to their goal efficiently and strategically and also verify the sustainable features of the project for certification.

Because we’re experts in many areas of green building, we’re able to assist our clients with everything from field testing and rebate applications to government regulation compliance and sustainability certification. We assessed all of the sustainability standards SAHA had envisioned and assisted in determining what could actually be executed based on budget and desired LEED rating. We implemented quality assurance testing to ensure design and development teams complied with various measures for the highest LEED certification. We were also able to help SAHA on a variety of related levels including a number of field tests which ensures elements like insulation are installed up to quality standards. We also strive to assist our clients in taking advantage of available rebates that may be applicable to their project. We provided the performance testing of Valley Oaks Homes’ Solar Photovoltaic system and submitted documentation to successfully award them a $98,000 rebate from the New Solar Homes Partnership Program.

Some of the unique features of this project include a 77 kW solar photovoltaic system and solar thermal panels that provide energy needed for the common areas and hot water. There is permeable asphalt in the parking area and permeable concrete walkways allowing water to replenish groundwater reserves. When it rains, the roof drains channel water into the landscaping which is part of the bio-filtration system. The water is filtered and is retained on site through a catch basin which causes the storm water to be detained on site and reduces storm water runoff. The grey water system recycles water used from the common area laundry for landscape use. Given California’s current drought conditions, these design features are particularly important. With the collaboration of all parties, Valley Oaks Homes has been certified LEED Platinum, the highest level possible in the LEED for Homes rating system. The building now provides the City of Sonoma with 43 affordable housing units for lower wage workers.




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Valley Oaks Homes
875 Lyon Street, Sonoma, CA

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